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ABLE Approved Training Information
The Oklahoma Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association is excited to announce that an ABLE Commission approved training course for Alcohol and Tobacco sales is now available!
This course will prepare all employees to sell singe-strength beer and wine, and tobacco to customers, meeting standards set forth by ABLE. The new online training service is free and available to all Association members.
The link to the ABLE Training is:
  • Username - OPMCA
  • Password - AbleCompliance2018
Once the training course is completed by an employee, the following steps will need to be done:
  • Type in the name as presented on ABLE license application (the certificate will self-date)
  • Once filled out, print the certificate
  • An employee's supervisor MUST sign the certificate for verification purposes
  • A copy of the signed training certificate MUST be filed at the location(s) the employee works at along with the ABLE issued license
As the laws are currently written, before October 1, 2018 an employee can receive a license without completion of a training program. However, on or after October 1, 2018, all new employees and any employee who has had a license expire will need to apply for a new license from the ABLE Commission; the employee will receive a temporary 30-day license before their permanent license is issued. Once the temporary license is obtained, they will have 14 days to complete an approved training program authorized by the ABLE Commission and receive proof of completion.

New requirements for UST Owners and Operators Oct. 13, 2018
October 13, 2018 is the deadline for new operation and maintenance requirements for owners and operators of underground storage tank systems for inspections of overfill prevention equipment, spill prevention equipment testing, containment sump testing, testing of release detection equipment, and walkthrough inspections. OCC has posted an information sheet and forms you can download at no cost from their website. Please note that some of these requirements begin October 13, 2018, but some must have the first inspection and/or test conducted by October 13, 2018. For complete information and to download the free forms go to the Classes, Forms and Guidance tab on the Petroleum Storage Tank Division's webpage at and click on the compliance link.


Learn more about on-going legislation and contact your legislator in regards to it, visit link, and download materials. Check often to view new legislation that can impact you.


Here are some helpful tips for contacting your U.S. or State Senator or Representative.

  1. Identify yourself. Name and where you are from and your business.
  2. Give the Bill number and a description of what it does.
  3. You are either in favor of or against the Bill because...
  4. Try to put a dollar figure on how the bill will affect your business.
  5. Be ready to answer any questions that the legislator may have.
  6. Be brief because what they don’t have is a lot of time.
  7. Thank them for their time and for consideration of your position.

Remember: Your legislator(s) wants and needs to hear from you about your concerns. THEY WORK FOR YOU!



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