The History of OPMCA (1952-2021)

The Oklahoma Petroleum Marketers & Convenience-Store Association (OPMCA) was established in 1952 as Oklahoma Oil Jobbers Association (OOJA). In March 1963, the association changed its name to the Oklahoma Oil Marketers Association (OOMA). In 1992 the association changed its name again to Oklahoma Petroleum Marketers Association (OPMA), in May of 1995 OPMA added the name of Oklahoma Association of Convenience Stores (OPMA-OACS). In January 2006 the name was changed to Oklahoma Petroleum Marketers & Convenience-Store Association (OPMCA) to more adequately define our membership.

OPMCA membership is composed of refiners, suppliers, wholesalers, convenience-store operators and associates who supply products and services to the petroleum marketing industry. Members own and/or supply branded and unbranded petroleum products to retail outlets throughout the state of Oklahoma and the Southwest.

OPMCA maintains a strong one on one contact with government legislators and regulators at the federal, state and local levels, allowing the association to keep the members informed of the constantly changing legislation and regulations regarding the petroleum marketing industry.

Over the years, OPMCA has had many members and their employees who have positively impacted the industry. Due to these great achievements, we have put in place the Distinguished Service and Employee of the Year awards to congratulate and recognize those for their hard work.

Distinguished Service Award Recepients
  • 2020 - Jim Griffith, OnCue Marketing

Employee of the Year Recepients
  • 2020 - Terri Roberts, Oklahoma Environmental Services
  • 2021 - Zeb Palmer, Hutchinson Oil Company

OPMCA Membership in EMA

OPMCA is a long time member of EMA (formerly PMAA).

Energy Marketers of America member associations represent 8,000 independent petroleum marketing companies who represent wholesaler and retailers of gasoline, diesel, heating oil, lubricants and renewable fuels. EMA marketers own 60,000 retail fuel outlets such as gas stations, convenience stores and truck stops. Additionally, these companies supply motor fuels to 40,000 independently owned retail outlets and heating oil to seven million homes and businesses. They sell their product under either their own private brand or the trademark of their supplier.

The origins of EMA date back to 1909 when the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of the United States was formed. That group died out but in 1940 another national organization, the President’s Council of Petroleum Marketers Association, was formed. In 1948, that group became the National Oil Jobbers Council. In 1984, the organization changed its name to the Petroleum Marketers Association of America. In 2020, PMAA again changed their name to the Energy Marketers of America (EMA) to reflect the group's growing portfolio of affordable, efficient, and environmentally friendly liquid fuels and other alternative energy sources that are helping to reduce emissions while propelling Americans forward. 

OPMCA has had 3 Energy Marketers of America (EMA) Past Presidents:
  • 1975 - Tom Love
  • 1984 - Jack Griffith
  • 2001 - Bill Maxwell
OPMCA has had 3 Marketers win the Energy Marketers of America (EMA) Distinguished Service Award:
  • 1977 - Tom Love
  • 1987 - Jack Griffith
  • 2006 - Bill Maxwell